Teach them how to help themselves…

akonWith our world being packed with violence, sexualized entertainment, controversial and idolized hollywood happenings as well as all the unfruitful “world news” breaking the records of retweets and reposts…..THIS current event I stumbled upon today has brought me great joy!!  We can all agree that THIS is what real world news looks like and most importantly it’s GOOD NEWS.  The world needs more good news to celebrate.   SO why did I accidentally see this?   Perplexed.  Unarguably, this makes one’s heart thankful.  The biggest piece of this that inspires me is the route for change Akon chose.  He is opening an institution in Mali to *teach* African engineers to successfully develop electricity systems! Amazing!   This is so deep!  Teach the people to help themselves.  There is hope in that!   There is freedom.  There is LIFE!



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